Euoplocephalus was a large armored dinosaur,measuring around 6 meters long.It weighed 2 tones.Its wide head had a horny toothless beak,small,peg-like cheek teeth,bony horns,and a small brain.


Like other ankylosaurs,it was coated in bony armour unlike a turtle's shell, more akin to a crocodile.Its entire top side was heavily protected from carnivores with thick, oval plates embedded (fused) in its leathery skin, 2 rows of spikes along its body, large horns that projected from the back of the head, and a club-like tail. It even had bony plates as protection for its eyes. Only its under-belly was unplated. Flipping it over was the only way to wound it.This huge, extremely heavy reptile was an herbivore (it ate only plants). It had to eat a huge amount of low-lying plant material to sustain itself so its gut must have been very large. It probably had a fermentation compartment to aid in the digestion of the tough plant material, producing prodigious amounts of gas! Euoplocephalus was one of the most common dinosaurs to live in North America around 70 million years ago. Because they were so plentiful, their fossils have been found in a number of locations.Euoplocephalus was discovered and named in 1910 by Lawrence Lambe. It was a Ankylosaurid ankylosaurs with an clubtail.